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The Multibrackets M Universal Tilt HD is a versatile wall mount for large display installations. With its smart design the mount can be used for both landscape and portrait installations. With a max weight capacity of 125kg´s it can handle screens up to 110". With a wide VESA range of 800x600 it can also handle most VESA specifications large screens are using. The Multibrackets M Universal Mount HD series of tilt, fixed, and pull-out mounts from Multibrackets are engineered to solve tough installation problems such as leveling and stud location. Installer inspired features make installation and maintenance safe and easy. This series of mounts makes it easy to take control of your installation. Universal and with low-profile mounts they are engineered for speed of installation and usability. With a variety of products ranging from a single TV to a video wall matrix for digital signage, Multibrackets HD mounts are the perfect solution for many applications. Highlights - Clean look & easy to install - Perfect for digital signage, educational and corporate installations. - To be used in both landscape and portait installations. - Engineered for speed of installation and usability - Tilt angle can be adjusted without removing the screen. - Slim 75mm distance to wall - Heavy Duty (HD) 125kg max load

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