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Megasat Camping suitcase HD - Mobiles Satellite...
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Kurzinfo: Megasat Camping suitcase HD - Mobiles Satelliten-TV-System - Parabolantenne Gruppe Satellitenfernsehen Hersteller Megasat Werke Hersteller Art. Nr. 1500081 Modell Camping suitcase HD EAN/UPC 4046173102444 Produktbeschreibung: Megasat Camping suitcase HD - mobiles Satelliten-TV-System - Parabolantenne Produkttyp Mobiles Satelliten-TV-System TV-Tuner 1 Empfänger Antenne Antenne - Parabolantenne - Single LNB Ausführliche Details Allgemein Produkttyp Mobiles Satelliten-TV-System TV-System TV-Tuner 1 Empfänger Antenne Typ Antenne Formfaktor Parabolantenne Umformerart Single LNB Verschiedenes Enthaltene Kabel 1 x HF-Koaxialkabel - 10 m Zubehör im Lieferumfang 2 F-Stecker, Kompass, Saugnapfmontage, Transporttasche, mounting accessory, mast / wall mount, rubber bushing

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
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Considered unfilmable for decades, Hunter S. Thompson’s literary landmark of psychedelic excess finally met its cinematic match in anarchic visionary director Terry Gilliam (Twelve Monkeys) and two no-holds-barred star performances by Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro. Raoul Duke (Depp) and his volatile Samoan attorney Dr. Gonzo (del Toro) are en route to Las Vegas, ostensibly on a banal journalistic assignment, but the suitcase full of psychoactive narcotics in their possession tells another story. Beset by bats, horny lizards and runaway hotel carpet upon their arrival, the pair plunge deeper into the pharmaceutically enhanced neon underbelly of the City of Sin on a chemically charged savage journey to the heart of the American Dream. Flashback to Gilliam and Thompson’s trip of a lifetime with this 4K restoration, accompanied by an outstanding selection of bonus material delving into the history of the film and the original book. SPECIAL EDITION CONTENTS 4K restoration by Arrow Films from the original negative supervised by Terry Gilliam High Definition Blu-rayTM (1080p) presentation Original 5.1 & 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio Optional subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing Audio commentary by Terry Gilliam, moderated by Phil Stubbs Savage: Finding The American Nightmare, an appreciation by film historian Ian Christie The Gonzo Papers, an interview with producer Laila Nabulsi Grim Memories & Bad Flashbacks, an interview with star Benicio del Toro Ignore This Terrible Drug: The Art and Style of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, a featurette including interviews with cinematographer Nicola Pecorini, production designer Alex McDowall, costume designer Julie Weiss and editor Lesley Walker Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride: Hunter S. Thompson on Film, a 2006 documentary on the author featuring Depp, del Toro, Gary Busey, Harry Dean Stanton, Bill Murray, Sean Penn, John Cusack and others Hunter Goes to Hollywood, archive footage of the author filming his cameo in the film Four deleted scenes with new optional commentary by Gilliam, including the excised prologue A Dress Pattern Spotlight on Location, an original promotional featurette featuring interviews with Gilliam, Depp and del Toro Behind the scenes ‘B-roll’ footage and additional EPK interviews with Gilliam, Depp and del Toro Theatrical trailers and TV spots Extensive image galleries, including original production designs, storyboards and production stills

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